The Influence of Home Advantage in Kabaddi

Home advantage is a significant factor in many sports, including Kabaddi. For those using Lotus365, the best betting platform across India, understanding how home advantage influences Kabaddi matches can enhance your betting strategy. This blog explores the impact of home advantage on Kabaddi teams and how to incorporate this knowledge into your betting decisions.

The Impact of Home Advantage

  1. Familiar Environment:
    • Comfort and Familiarity: Playing at home provides teams with a familiar environment, which can enhance player comfort and performance. Familiarity with the playing surface and conditions can give home teams an edge.
    • Example: Teams like Bengaluru Bulls and Jaipur Pink Panthers often perform better in their home venues, leveraging the familiar surroundings to their advantage.
  2. Fan Support:
    • Crowd Influence: The presence of supportive home fans can boost team morale and intimidate visiting teams. The psychological advantage of having a cheering crowd can inspire home players to perform better.
    • Example: The roaring support for Patna Pirates in their home ground has been known to lift their players’ spirits, often leading to improved performance.
  3. Travel Fatigue:
    • Reduced Travel Stress: Home teams avoid the fatigue and stress associated with travel. Visiting teams might struggle with travel fatigue, especially in tightly scheduled tournaments.
    • Example: Teams traveling long distances for away matches might not perform at their peak, giving the home team an advantage.

Analyzing Home Advantage in Kabaddi Betting

  1. Home and Away Records:
    • Statistical Analysis: Analyze the home and away performance records of teams. Teams with strong home records are more likely to win their home matches.
    • Example: Jaipur Pink Panthers have shown a consistently strong performance at home compared to their away matches, making them a safer bet when playing at home.
  2. Player Performance at Home:
    • Key Players: Some players perform exceptionally well in front of their home crowd. Identifying such players can help in placing bets on player performance markets.
    • Example: A star raider like Pardeep Narwal might score more raid points in home matches due to the added motivation from the home crowd.
  3. Impact of Home Venue Changes:
    • Temporary Venues: Sometimes, teams might play home matches at temporary venues. Assessing the impact of these changes on team performance is crucial.
    • Example: If a team is playing its home matches at a different venue due to scheduling conflicts, their performance might not be as strong as in their usual home ground.

Betting Strategies Based on Home Advantage

  1. Match Result Betting:
    • Favoring Home Teams: Betting on home teams can be a strategic choice, especially if they have a strong home record.
    • Example: Betting on Bengaluru Bulls to win at home can be advantageous if they have shown consistent performance in their home matches.
  2. Total Points Betting:
    • High-Scoring Home Matches: Some teams might score more points in home matches due to the support and comfort of playing at home. Betting on over total points can be profitable in such scenarios.
    • Example: If Jaipur Pink Panthers tend to score high in home matches, betting on over points might be a good strategy.
  3. Handicap Betting:
    • Adjusting for Home Advantage: In matches where the home team is a strong favorite, handicap betting can provide better odds and potential returns.
    • Example: Betting on U Mumba with a handicap when playing at home against a lower-ranked team can offer better value.
  4. Live Betting Adjustments:
    • Real-Time Analysis: Use live betting to adjust your bets based on the current performance and the influence of the home crowd.
    • Momentum Shifts: Pay attention to momentum shifts during the match, as home teams might gain an extra push from their fans during critical moments.


Home advantage plays a crucial role in Kabaddi, influencing team performance and match outcomes. By understanding the impact of home advantage and analyzing home and away records, you can make more informed betting decisions. For a comprehensive and user-friendly betting experience, download the Lotus365 sports betting app today. With its advanced features and competitive odds, the Lotus365 sports betting app ensures you have the best betting experience across India.


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